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Packages and Payments              

(what will you get for your money)

Please note that pick up from airport will not be done on Friday. At this time shuttle bus will be already driving between hotel and venue.

A - Entry/ESF levy/T-Shirt                                             58,- Euros
- Players entered after the deadline can´t unfortunatelly get
tournament t-shirt; t-shirts are bought immediatelly after 4.4. and sent for printing

B - Entry/ESF levy/T-shirt/hotel 2 nights/DOUBLE/shuttle

                                                                                    209,- Euros

B1 - Entry/ESF levy/T-Shirt/hotel 2 nights/SINGLE/shuttle                                                                                                269,- Euros

C - Entry/ESF levy/T-Shirt/hotel 3 nights/DOUBLE/shuttle 
                                                                                    262,- Euros

C1 - Entry/ESF levy/T-Shirt/hotel 3 nights/SINGLE/shuttle
                                                                                    352,- Euros

M - Meals - 3 lunches + 2 dinners (buffet)                   50,- Euros

P - Party                                                                         25,- Euros

R - Extra night - single room/night                                80,- Euros

R1 - Extra night - double room/person/night               50,- Euros

S - Shuttle - airport/official hotel + hotel/venues         40,- Euros

Accompanying person - chosen package minus package A

We guarantee first 30 hotel packages/number of rooms we have pre-booked at the official hotel. 

If you want to book B or C package but don´t have a room mate let us know. We will try to find you one. If the room mate will not be confirmed you have to count with payment for single used room.

Also this year we will offer free small refreshment during the whole tournament.  

Fio Banka a.s.
Account number for EURO payments

IBAN CZ4720100000002400511108

Account number for CZK payments
only for Czech players)

2500385639 / 2010

Account Owner:
Maximus z.s., Spojovací 210, Dolní Brezany

Bank Address: 
Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1

Please do your payments to the accounts above no later than by the deadline (package, entries). 

Thank you