Important news for the 2019 tournament

Please read it before entering the tournament.

Players Party

We have chosen for our "party" an unique restaurant on the Vltava river shore. 200 m from the Czech National Museum ... in walking distance from Club Lávka (DANCING).

Why this choice?

We want to show you something different. A place which you most likely wouldn´t find or visit on your own.

Amazing location - historical building with priceless paintings on the ceiling, great food, life piano music, central location so you can continue either dancing into some of the nearby clubs or enjoy walk through Prague.

Please check the link below or google Manes Restaurant. :-)

Waiting list for players entering after the deadline

Did you miss the deadline? You still have a chance to enter the tournament. 

1. It has to be done before the seeding is published
2. It has to be approved by the TD. 
3. Please be aware that you will not get a tournament 
t-shirt since at this moment t-shirts for the tournament are ordered and sent for printing.


All finals and matches for 3/4th place will be played at SBC on Sunday at scheduled times by the organizers. If you think you might reach the final matches but your plane leaves early on Sunday tell us BEFORE the tournament so we can plan accordingly. 

We want to make sure that other players can watch the final matches. Late rescheduling doesn´t help the tournament atmosphere; players who want to watch certain matches might miss it. 

Stringing Machine

At SBC will be through the whole tournament available stringing service. Stringing will be done with Tecnifibre strings. 

ZERO tolerance to late arrivals 

If you can´t plan your trip to be at the squash center at the start of your age category, please don´t enter the tournament. Your late arrival influences not only the organizers but your opponents as well. The organizer has to guarantee certain time space between matches. This time is important for recovery and safety

Please don´t order flight tickets if you can´t come in-time. We will make no exceptions. 

Venues and Games Scheduling

All age categories will be played in both squash centers. 

Registration on Spot

Players can register and pick up their welcoming package already on Thursday April 25th at SBC. 

Registration will be possible between 17:00 - 19:00.

Changes and why we made them

We have kept SBCentrum as the main venue but changed back to SquashPoint (2017) because they are much closer so we will reduce time spent in shuttle bus and the morning traffic. It is also important for players with food package because food will be served only in SBC. Players will have time to move between venues and not to miss their food. 

Zero tolerance to late arrivals:
We understand that there are not always timely perfect flights and also that if you´ll take flight early in the morning you will save costs for 1 night. But unfortunatelly running a big tournament means perfect organization and following ESF rules. Two rules worth mentioning are minimum time between matches and time of the closing ceremony so you can catch your flights. If 10 players will ask to move their matches, it influences 20 players in one round but also the second round of all the players because we have to give them enough time to recover. Therefore we (TD of different tournaments) have consulted this problem with the ESF masters committee and we have a "go" not to accept this behavior. We don´t try to punish but to 
p r o t e c t  the majority of players who invest their time and money to come in time. 


SBCentrum (6 courts)
K Horkám 1
149 00  Prague 4


TOP Hotel Praha ****
Blažimská 1781/4
149 00 Praha 4 - Chodov

Hotel is in walking distance (1,3 km) from both squash centers.